Eshtari Online

Since mobile commerce has become easier than ever And because we all strive to make our customers happy and make their lives easier, Eshtari Online site was designed by the Vibes Solutions team  from scratch with the latest global means and software tools to provide a better shopping experience and easier store management.

The application provides the admin control panel and the application available on Android and iPhone systems.

eshtare online

Admin panel

Vendor Panel

The features and advantages of the seller portal are also available to display his products in a good and attractive way to customers

  • The application provides the seller with enough space to display the pictures of the products he offers and a detailed explanation of each product so that the information reaches the customer in a good and clear way.

  • There is an entry portal for the seller in order to register through it and add his profile and information of interest to the customer, and through it he can publish the goods and products.

  • The seller can post new offers that attract customers’ attention and periodically post new products as per the needs and requirements of the market.

  • The possibility of receiving messages from the customer in the event of a specific remarks or inquiry that the customer wishes to ask about.

  • The seller can control and identify the delivery representatives and add their information through their portal. He can also amend the information by deleting or adding in a way that suits his work.

Client application

As usual, we have provided the most important features and benefits for the customer in order to have an enjoyable and unique shopping trip that cannot be repeated.

Nearest seller

The ability to reach the nearest seller of the requested product

Reach out to the product seller

You can reach the closest seller to the customer based on his requirements and the products he needs, in order to save time and effort on the customer.

Smart basket

Use the smart basket to place products and complete your shopping

Smart basket feature

In order for the customer to have a complete shopping cycle full of fun and luxury, we have provided him with a smart basket feature, so that he can put the products that he selected in the basket and continue shopping with ease and comfort.


Receive new notifications and alerts

Receive notifications

Notifications are sent to the customer when new offers are made for the customers’ favorite and desired products, or if new products are available that customers want so that they can be obtained early.

Payment method

The ability to choose the best payment method for the customer

Choose the appropriate payment method

For the sake of the convenience of our customers, we have provided them with many payment methods for the application, where the customer can pay electronically by visa or credit card, or choose the appropriate payment gateway for him and pay through it, or pay after receiving and preview the product

Language support

The ability to select the appropriate language

Availability of more than one language

The application also supports both Arabic and English, and the customer can choose the most appropriate language for him so that the purchase process can be done easily and smoothly without any obstacles.


The ability to control the application settings

Availability feature customization

In order not to disturb the customer, we have provided him with the ability to control the application settings in terms of font colors, notification sounds, even vibration, and many other settings necessary for the customer.


The ability to evaluate the seller and the purchase process by the customer

Seller and product evaluation

And because your opinions and your comfort are important to us, we have provided the possibility for the customer to evaluate the products and sellers with whom the purchases have been made.

Direct messages

The ability to send and receive messages from sellers

Live chat feature

In the event that nothing of the offered products is understood, the customer can send messages directly to the seller and ask questions and inquiries that he needs to properly understand the product.


Ability to create a personal profile and contact information

Create a customer profile

For the sake of confidentiality and security, we provided the login feature so that the customer’s information is saved and the application is logged in comfortably and safely, in addition to saving the site assigned to him with his contact information.