An integrated application for the most important and latest hashtags active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, and was designed by the elite Vibes Solutions team from scratch with the latest global means and technologies.

The application knows the latest active hashtags on social media on a daily and continuous basis to help individuals and companies, including marketing companies, to obtain the latest active hashtags as it focuses on Arab hashtags in the Arab countries and the Middle East, while smart algorithms have been developed that classify and filter Arab hashtags and match them with Social media to get the best desired results.

The Trends application provides a website and application for Android and iPhone mobiles



Characteristics of the website:

  • The ability to search for the most popular and popular hashtags in the Middle East in a short time and with ease.

  • Match the required hashtags with the hashtags available on social media (Twitter and Instagram) and find the appropriate hashtag with a post.

  • Helping companies, especially marketing companies, to find the appropriate hashtags for the company’s commercial activity and improve the level of activity based on the most popular hashtags.

  • Displaying the most popular hashtags in the Middle East and Arab countries, along with indicating the number of posts for this hashtag within statistics and charts showing accurate and actual percentages.

  • The ability to easily publish the hashtag on social media to get the highest percentage of follow-up and spread your activity among the countries of the Middle East.

  • By using algorithms of intelligence, there is now the ability to classify hashtags based on countries or topics of interest to the follower and on the number of actual users of active hashtags in order to use the appropriate hashtag.


With regard to the client application, we have provided many features that are of interest to followers and companies to reach the required goals.


Display The Most Popular Categories And Categories

Classifications And Categories

Display the categories and categories of the most popular hashtags in the Arab countries and the Middle East to choose the most appropriate hashtag from among these categories.

Search Feature

The ability to search for a hashtag with a specific address

Search Feature Between Hashtags

The application provides you with the ability to search for a suitable and appropriate hashtag that meets your needs and to search for active and most popular hashtags in the Middle East.

Hash Date And Time

The ability to access a specific hashtag

Hashtag special days

The ability to access hashtags according to a specific date or periods, days and specific and distinctive occasions.

Publishing And Viewing

The ability to post a hashtag on social media

Hashtag posted and displayed

The application allows you to easily publish and display hashtags on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to increase the number of your followers and spread your hashtag.

Stats And Details

It provides you with details of the hashtags you want

Details and statistics about the hashtag

It also provides you with the statistics and details of the hashtag that you want, such as the number of users, the countries in which it is traded, and whether the hashtag is active or not.

Transfer The Hashtag

The possibility of suggesting transferring the hashtag to another category

Hashtag transfer suggestion

The application contains a list of categories as it contains many different categories of hashtags, and the user can suggest moving the hashtag to another category so that the search process for it is easier and in less time.

Followers Satisfaction

The possibility of knowing the satisfaction of the followers on the products presented

Determine and know the satisfaction of the followers

You can know the followers’ satisfaction with the products and services provided or the hashtag so that you can know the actions to be taken and the decisions related to the matter.

Connect The App With Dedicated Servers

The app has been linked with dedicated social media servers

Connecting the application with social media servers

Trends app has a complete and direct link with Twitter and Instagram servers, so that hashtags are updated and filtered on a daily and continuous basis until the latest and most important hashtags reach the user immediately.