Electronic wallet and prepaid platform:

You can now use and top up your financial card while you are at home or at work, and create your virtual card at the time you need a card with ease and only with a click of a button. Now from Vibes Solutions, the most powerful system for banking and financial services.

Our team at Vibes Solutions is distinguished by its competence, high capacity and accumulated experience in building various systems and applications to serve individuals and companies inside and outside Jordan.

In Vibes Solutions we have built a system for financial and banking services that contains excellent features, benefits and characteristics to serve all members of society without the need for paperwork, waiting and wasting time and effort in solving financial problems, based on the aforementioned, the electronic wallet and payment system for financial and banking services has been designed professionally and with skill High to end all the problems facing customers and companies, saving them time and effort, and providing them with charging the physical cards with the desired amount, creating your own virtual card, and purchasing through the physical card or the virtual card, as it provides many and many distinct services.

E wallet

The E wallet system provides two types of financial cards:

The system is divided into three sections, each section has its own portal and its own use, and the three sections are:


The admin control page contains many features and features to provide the best services in a short time and provide a complete administrative process for the system associated with agents and customers, at the beginning the admin consists of 3 types based on the rules and powers granted to him:

  • Entering clients’ accounts and seeing all the details about them, their accounts and their balances.

  • Supervisors can block or unblock a customer, and supervisors can amend customer information.

  • Supervisors can change the exchange rate in proportion to the local and global markets.

  • The system provides a page for previous exchange rates, start date and archive date to ensure prices and confirm.

  • Easily transfer the balance from the client’s wallet to the agent with the approval of the supervisor.

  • The distinguished supervisor can adjust the commission that the agent receives when performing operations according to the requirements and needs of the market.

  • The system provides our notification to the supervisor in the event that there is a new client to accept the request and approve or reject it based on his personal information.

  • The system contains templates of emails ready for quick responses to verify the account and password.

  • You can stop the card or activate it, change the password, and update the card information.

  • There is also a list of procedures log in which all the operations stored in the system are displayed that are controlled by the supervisor.



We have provided many of the necessary advantages and characteristics for agents to improve service provision to the customer and provide all services easily

The system allows the agent to recharge the customer’s balance at a high speed (fast shipping) in one currency via email, phone number or card number to save time on the agent and speed the procedure. It also gives two options in terms of currency, either the US dollar or the fluorine

Notifications appear to the agent in the event that there is a new request or customer that is approved or rejected based on his CV and personal information attached to the request

The system also provides a table of pending requests from customers that need approval from the supervisor, and that schedule draws the supervisor’s attention, not forgetting customers’ requests, saving time for searching requests, speeding up the process of acceptances and responding to inquiries quickly and easily.

It shows statistics of the number of clients registered with the current agent and the amounts of fees at the end of each month in order to avoid mistakes and for the accounting process to run smoothly without going into problems

Create a new account for the client directly and record the customer’s personal data, and after filling in the customer’s data, a notice arrives to the supervisor to approve or reject it, and then a notice is returned to the agent to accept or reject the request.

The agent can amend by deleting or adding to the customer’s data, and he can block a client or remove the blocking, and he can also add the customer’s email and contact information for the customer

The credit account the agent can reach a certain limit below zero within the agreement of the two parties. As for the debtor’s account, he cannot reach the balance below zero when the balance he has in the card expires. He cannot buy unlike the credit account

The agent can link a physical card with a specific customer through personal information only, and the agent is able to update the information he has

E Wallet App

Now, with the electronic wallet application that is easy to use and easy to deal with this application, you can perform all the financial operations you want through the electronic wallet application.


The ability to create a personal profile for the customer

Create a file and log in

There is customer login on the e-wallet application and the reliability and authentication of the entered information with the actual information on the system.

Virtual Card

The ability to create a virtual card directly from the application

Create a virtual card easily

The customer can create a virtual card through the electronic wallet application with a specific value, anywhere and anytime, and easily by email and phone number.

Balance management

Ability to control the balance by transfer or shipment

Balance and transfer management

The customer can transfer balance from the wallet to the card or to another account through the application also smoothly to reduce paperwork and waiting, and he can also charge the physical card with ease.

Anonymous clients

The ability to create a virtual card by non-registered customers on the application

Unregistered customers on the application

The system allows another type of customer, which is anonymous customers. They can create a virtual card only through e-mail and cannot obtain a wallet or physical card.

Transaction log

A detailed record of the transactions performed on the customer's account

Recording of operations performed on the account

The application contains a record to record all transactions performed on the account, whether they are on the physical and virtual card or the wallet

Card management

Ability to control the cards linked to the customer's account

Control the physical and virtual card

The ability of the customer to stop the physical and virtual card (freeze) whenever he wants so that no operation can be performed, and the balance value is determined in both the wallet and the physical card.

Language support

The ability to select the language from among the available languages

Support for different languages

The application supports both English and Spanish languages to facilitate the process in different languages from outside and inside the country.

Account Information

Obtaining an actual account number for the customer

Actual account number for the customer

The system also gives the customer an account number for the physical card, and he can charge it at one of the agents, and he can create a virtual card with a specific value directly.