Recruitment App

A special recruitment platform from Vibes Solutions to recruit the competencies developed by the creative team of Vibes to view your vacancies and find the right job for you easily, in simple steps, at any time.

The system has three gates, which are the job seeker portal, the employer portal, and the supervisor portal. Each portal has characteristics, features, and classifications that suit all parties to find what suits them.


Characteristics and features of the responsible admin

Management and Organization

Control the basic details of the platform and the interfaces of the platform

Platform management and organization

The system administrator can control the basic details and configurations in the system through the control panel, such as managing the use of e-mail, the business cycle of the owners of companies, and some other matters that he has the authority to control.

The stages of the employment cycle

The possibility of determining the stages of the employment cycle

Allocate and define the recruitment cycle

The official can allocate the stages of the recruitment cycle and the interviews of the recruitment process to include different stages that are determined by the official and the employers such as the person invited to conduct an interview on the Internet or face to face data audit.

Email Templates

The ability to design and define email templates

Designing email templates

The supervisor can define, design and write various e-mail templates and prepare them in advance to be sent through the system to all users automatically when needed.


The advantages of companies searching for vacancies

  • An effective main control screen allows them to manage actions and get feedback in an efficient way.

  • Review the stages of the entire recruitment cycle at any time they want to facilitate the process and choose the right person.

  • Personal information of the business owner, which is stored, and the employer can access it at any time he wants and amend it.

  • Determine which branch has vacancies in case there is more than one branch.

  • Show requirements, details, experiences, and qualifications that must be met by the applicant.

  • The existence of a list that appears for employers in which the job applicants are presented (a group of candidates) that contains candidates’ applications grouped for each job.

Job seeker

With regard to job seekers, we have provided them with all means of comfort to reach the required job that is commensurate with their experiences and skills

Profile personly

The ability to create a personal profile for the job seeker

Create a personal profile

He can put his personal file, certificates and experiences that he has, and make them available for viewing by employers, and he can also Modification them.

Apply once

The ability to apply for the selected job only once

Apply for the job once

He can only apply for a job once, so that the demand does not appear in abundance with the employers, and that leads to some problems.

The stages of the employment cycle

The possibility of completing the stages of the full employment cycle

Complete the recruitment process

The job seeker can complete all steps, create a profile, upload a CV, and apply for jobs through the application only, easily and smoothly.

Visitor entry

The possibility of the visitor entering the platform and browsing it

Allow visitors to enter the platform

The system allows visitors to enter without the need to log in only to see the system and the jobs available on it without seeing the details and without seeing the names of companies or their owners.