Service Aggregator App

Service Aggregator app

Service Aggregator App

Based on the current conditions and the clients’ orientation to the technology sector in searching for their requirements and needs, the search for the required services has become difficult by traditional methods, so we at Vibes Solutions developed a completely new application by a specialized and highly skilled team using the best technologies and international programs to receive the service from home to the door of the house.

You can request the service you need at any time with the services application, you will find all kinds of services that you can only need on your smart device without the need to search and navigate to find the required service.

Service Aggregator App

Admin Panel

There are many features and characteristics available to the administrators of the My Services platform.

  • The system provides the personal profile of the supervisors with the ability to specify and allocate the powers granted to each supervisor Personal information is stored for the login process so that the process remains secure and free of defects.

  • The supervisor can see the information of customers and service providers, and in case of errors, the supervisor has the ability to amend it if necessary so that the process goes smoothly without problems.

  • In the event that complaints are issued against a service provider or a customer, the supervisor can provide warnings and the possibility of blocking the customer or service providers by the supervisor in the event of a recurrence of those complaints or a low evaluation of the specified rates.

  • Through the control panel, the supervisor can specify the services provided to customers with the ability to add other services or delete from the available services according to the needs and requirements of the market and the requirements of customers.

  • The ability to add incentives and rewards to service providers and to present offers and discounts to customers, depending on the evaluation and performance ratios provided or on occasion days and so on.

  • The system provides the necessary reports for all operations and services that have been provided at all times, and the supervisor can log in and view them at any time to ensure that the service provision process proceeds with the required efficiency.

Service Providers App

And because we strive to provide all means of comfort to our customers, we have provided many advantages to service providers based on market requirements and services provided.

Customer App

Among the things that are very important and must focus on them at all times is the good service to the customer and provide all means of comfort for him until the completion of receiving the service, so we provided these ways for him to get a good service with the lowest costs, effort and time.

The application provides a mechanism for logging in to the application and saving your personal information, your location, and your phone number so that the process of logging into the application can be done easily and in order for the service to arrive at all times without the need to renew the login.

The application contains classes and categories of services that are provided by service providers to find the appropriate service easily and quickly and without the need for a long search.

After the service selection process is completed, the application shows the customer a list of professionals who provide the required service, and the selection is made based on the evaluation or features provided by the service providers.

The evaluation feature is available within the application to receive the best service and select the best option to meet your needs with ease. Complaints can also be submitted in the event of errors during the provision of the service or encountered problems to ensure that the best is always received by the customer

The application is characterized by the feature of determining the time where the customer can specify the time he desires to receive the service in proportion to his time and work and in proportion to the time of the service provider.

The smart basket service is available so that the customer can choose more than one service at the same time without having to go to another place, meaning that he can choose several services from one place at the same time.

In the event that there are offers or purchase coupons (discount), the voucher number is entered into the application so that the customer gets the discount that was registered on the coupon.

The application also provides the ability to specify the method of payment for the service provider. You can pay in cash and you can pay electronically by visa or credit card or pay after receiving the service and make sure that it meets the need.

The customer can, in the event of an emergency order, cancel the request and save it for another time, as the request remains stored on the application until the request again (freezing the request), or he can cancel the request completely if he no longer wants to receive the service.

The application also provides for choosing the service provider closest to the customer. If he does not choose a specific person, the application will choose the closest provider to the customer based on the type of service required.

Through the application, friends can be invited to take advantage of the services provided on it easily and by using various social media.