Vibes Commerce

Vibes Commerce

Vibes Commerce

Start selling today through the e-commerce application “Vibes Store”, which supports multiple branches for one store in addition to the possibility of using it as an electronic mall for many stores together.

We at Vibes Solutions have designed and developed the application from scratch using the latest technologies and programming languages ​​and relying on the expertise of the team that has worked for years on a large number of popular platforms such as Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and NobCommerce to ensure the development of a comprehensive, integrated, and constantly developing platform. As per the market and customer requirements to get the best benefit from the application.
The Vibes application consists of:

  • System Management Platform.

  • Order And Customer Management Platform (for vendor).

  • Android Application For Customers (supports Google services).

  • Ios Application For Customers.

  • Android Application For Huawei Devices (supports Huawei services).

Vibes Commerce

System, order, and customer management platform

Seller platform

Introductory page

Contain personal information

Seller Profile

The application provides the seller’s profile page that contains the personal information of interest to the customer, contact information and the location.

View products

The ability to display the products available on the application

View products on the app

The application gives enough space for the seller to display the products he offers, accompanied by pictures, explanations and notes on each product.

Direct chat

Communicate with the customer through the application

Communicate with the client

The application provides a direct chat service to communicate with the customer through the application in the event that a specific request is not clear or there are notes to avoid making mistakes.

Payment method

The possibility of determining the method of payment

Determine the payment method

The seller can select the appropriate shipping method so that the product reaches the customer in a timely manner and without damages to the product, according to the followed policies.

Customer data

Ability to specify customer information

View customer data

Accessing the main customer data such as contact information and location to facilitate the process of delivering the customer’s products in a timely manner.

Application (client)

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